We were residing in Montreal when our son Mitchel, who lived in Toronto, was injured in an industrial accident and received catastrophic injuries to his spine. Mitchel became a quadriplegic and would need around the clock life support therapy for the remainder of his life. We had no choice but to sell our home in Montreal and move to Toronto. My husband was close to retirement and funds were at a minimum. We needed a lawyer to see if we could get some compensation for this tragedy and Michael Shannon was referred to us. Michael came to the hospital to meet with our family and, from that day on, Michael alleviated some of the pressures and worries by enabling us to concentrate on Mitchel’s health and not our finances. Michael proved to be a very passionate, compassionate and professional litigator who helped to make an unfortunate situation just a little bit better.

CASE NOTES: Rose and Herman's son Mitchel was rendered a quadriplegic when he was crushed by over 2,200 pounds of wood tabletops as he stepped through a doorway of a factory. As part of the lawsuit, Michael was successful in proving that the factory owner had negligently stacked the tabletops without securing them properly. As a result, a substantial settlement was reached to cover Mitchel’s lifetime future-care costs.

The professionalism, consideration and time that Michael Shannon extended to myself and the compassion to the family will always be dearly appreciated. During our process, Michael and his team consistently upheld their well-earned reputation of professionalism and experience in every respect. Michael’s personal commitment to my case, combined with his dedication and honesty, was more than reassuring on many occasions. Most of all, his calming disposition and his tireless effort to help people is how I knew I had the right representation.

CASE NOTES: Kim was run over by a car as she was walking across the street. Before suffering back and leg injuries in this accident, Kim had undergone back surgery on a number of occasions, including spinal fusions. The primary issue in the case was with regard to damages and whether Kim’s pre-existing injuries were permanently made worse by the accident. Using a team of experts, Michael was able to demonstrate that Kim’s injuries were significantly affected by being hit by the car and that she would be left with life-long implications.

From our very first phone call, I knew that Michael Shannon was our “knight in shining armour,” our “angel of mercy.” Michael is, and has always been, supportive, compassionate, approachable, and in every sense of the word, a humanitarian. His extremely accommodating and resourceful nature allowed us to communicate via phone/fax/e-mail where travel would have been problematic. Mike is an honest, generous, hard-working man that we have come to know as our friend. He is a family man first, a people person, a progressive thinker and a highly skilled lawyer. We have been blessed to have Michael at the helm defending us under the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. Had it not have been for his due diligence, my dreams would have not come to fruition. My disability has allowed me to see and approach life and challenges knowing that there is often more than one way to get the job done. I am so fortunate to know Mike Shannon, who purports the same philosophy.

CASE NOTES: Lynn suffered a very serious spinal cord injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident. Given her resultant physical disability, the Canadian Government denied her application to adopt a second daughter from China. After a great deal of effort and raising a Charter of Freedom argument, Michael was able to convince the Canadian Government that Lynn was a fit mother and capable of raising a second child, regardless of her disability. Lynn is now the happy mother of two beautiful girls from China.

On behalf of Michaela, Yasmin and my entire family, I am writing this note with my sincere gratitude. At a time when I was unable to oversee my legal, medical and even financial affairs, it was comforting to know that you were there to take care us. The passionate dedication you have demonstrated in protecting our interests, and the concern you showed for me and mine, has impressed me immensely. Those who have witnessed your astounding professionalism, grace and generosity are amazed. It is humbling to know that in spite of whatever happens to me, my family and I, we have a man of your caliber there to advise and assist us. I would like to thank you for not only being my legal representative, but for becoming a close and valued friend to Michaela, me and my family. You have also been a great male figure for my daughter to look up to at such a difficult time when I could not look out for her. You will always have my gratitude and respect.

CASE NOTES: Haydain is a Juno Award-winning musician who suffered a catastrophic injury to his brain as a result of a motor vehicle accident. Riding a Vespa motorbike, he was struck by a car making a left hand turn. Since the accident, Haydain has not been able to return to work.

From the first day on the case, I felt that Michael Shannon was the good lawyer that we were waiting for. Michael not only cares about my husband who suffered a traumatic brain injury, he also shows concern for the entire family. Michael maintained excellent follow-up with the case and family, and also worked well in consultation with the team members before making any decisions. Michael fought for the best settlement for my family, including financial security for the future, our children’s education, the home we live in and the van that we will use in going to church and family activities.

CASE NOTES: Susana’s husband Albert sustained a traumatic brain injury as a result of being hit by a flying tractor-trailer tire that smashed into a glass bus shelter where he was standing. At the time, Albert, Susana and their two young children were new to Canada, having just arrived from the Philippines a few months earlier. Albert was a professional engineer in the Philippines and had planned to establish a similar career in Canada. Sadly, Albert’s dream never came to be, as he now requires 24-hour supervision and will never be able to work. The challenge here was to convince the insurer that Albert would have likely become a successful engineer in Ontario. Michael was able to effectively argue the case and a significant settlement agreement was reached reflecting a future loss of income commensurate with this level of employment.

I am pleased to have this opportunity to thank you and your firm. Michael, I trusted your professional guidance and counseling and this was a source of great personal relief and satisfaction. I appreciated the up to date personal communication that was provided over the last few years. It has made the healing process of putting my life back together much easier for me. Finally, I can only express my sincere appreciation to you for effectively negotiating on my behalf to resolve all legal issues concerning my catastrophic accident. It would be an honour to recommend you and the service you provide.

CASE NOTES: While driving a motorcycle in Florida, Alan was hit by an elderly driver making a U-turn. Tragically, Alan’s wife was killed and Alan lost his leg. Initially, Alan’s travel insurer denied covering his large American hospital expenses based on a technicality. Subsequently, Alan engaged Michael who successfully sued the Canadian travel insurer as well as the American driver and Alan’s own insurer. Having his financial issues resolved, Alan is now able to focus on recovery.

Michael Shannon was highly recommended by a friend to represent us following a car accident that left me a paraplegic. My wife and I were impressed with Michael’s experience, his background, and the easy rapport he established with us from that first meeting. We felt we could trust Michael and during the settlement process, that impression proved to be correct. The legal aspects of our case were handled in a neat, efficient manner, and the human element – an inevitable component of a catastrophic injury case – was treated with dignity and compassion.

CASE NOTES: Pascal was a renowned chef prior to a car accident in which he was rendered a paraplegic. Following Michael's effective resolution of his case, Pascal was able to use a portion of the settlement proceeds to design a standup wheelchair. The standup wheelchair assisted him to overcome his disability and relive his dream of owning and acting as head chef of a world-class restaurant.

When life gets tough, when tragedy hits, that’s the time when you need somebody to lean on. Someone who understands what you are going through, who listens and cares, has knowledge and wisdom, and can make the legal and emotional process less painful. That is what Michael Shannon did for us

We are very grateful for everything that Michael Shannon has done for us during what was an extremely difficult time. Having just arrived in Toronto four days prior to Peter’s accident, not only did we not know the city very well, but we also didn’t know of anyone who could represent us legally. Having lived in Winnipeg all our lives, and operated a business built successfully by word of mouth from our customers, we decided to ask around to see who could help. Fortunately for us, Michael came highly recommended as “one of the best in Canada”. Although we were nervous, sleep deprived and extremely emotional, it was comforting to know that we had Michael representing us. We never felt that we had to question his strategy or tactics, and appreciated the consideration shown to witnesses and, most importantly, to our family and friends. The professionalism in the courtroom was outstanding. Not only did Michael and his team provide the legal assistance we required, but also the emotional support to help us through it all.


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