Over $16 Million total recovery – Belanger v City of Sudbury
Judgment was granted against the City of Sudbury in favour of the Belanger family for $12 million for damages and $1.4 million in legal costs (payable in addition to supplementary accident benefits of $2.4 million). The City of Sudbury, appealed the Judgment. In May 2017, the Plaintiffs successfully responded to the City of Sudbury's appeal of the award for damages and costs, which, with post-judgment interest, entitled the Plaintiffs to $13.925 million in damages, interest and costs as a result of the successful trial and appeal. On June 28, 2017, the Court of Appeal fixed the Plaintiffs' costs of the appeal at $95,000.00. As a result, the Plaintiffs' total recovery from the City of Sudbury and the Plaintiffs' accident benefits insurer is $16.33 million.

$11 Million Settlement - Motor Vehicle Accident resulting in Catastrophic injuries
Two children were passengers in a car and suffered catastrophic injuries as a result of a head on collision. Both children suffered spinal cord injuries. Shortly before trial, the insurers and their lawyers of the various defendants settled for over $11,000,000 - one of the largest settlements in Canadian history at the time.

Over $7 Million Recovered – Product malfunction
We successfully recovered over $7 million for our client who was catastrophically injured as a result of a product malfunction.

$5.25 Million Verdict - Pedestrian hit by Car
An elderly pedestrian in excess of 70 years old was standing on a sidewalk with his wife when he was struck by a car. The car had been rear ended by a truck that was following too closely. Our client suffered a catastrophic brain injury and required 24-hour attendant care. The case proceeded to trial so that our client could access the insurance policies of both vehicles. Notwithstanding that the truck was following too closely, we were able to convince a jury that the driver of the car was 20% at fault for making a last second decision to turn right, without any prior warning.

$2.9 Million Settlement - Pedestrian hit by Car
A pedestrian was struck by a car as she stepped out on the road to get around another car that was blocking the sidewalk she was on. Both the insurers of the car that struck her and the car that was blocking the sidewalk contributed to the settlement.

$2.74 Million Settlement – Traumatic Brain Injury
A teenager who suffered a serious traumatic brain injury in a car crash settled at mediation. With the assistance of evidence developed by a Human Factors Expert and Accident Reconstruction Engineer, we were able to successfully obtain a significant contribution towards the settlement from a driver that waived the plaintiff’s vehicle into the intersection and from the car that struck them that had the right of way.

$1.5 million Settlement – Passenger in Car Crash
We successfully reached a settlement of $1.5 million for our client who suffered a mild traumatic brain injury and serious orthopaedic injuries.

$1.3 Million Settlement - Traumatic Brain Injury
Our client was hit in the head by a rock while driving his car and suffered a traumatic brain injury. The challenging part of this case was proving who was responsible for his injuries.

$1.25 Million Verdict – Motorcycle Accident
Our clients were riding a motorcycle when a vehicle made a left hand turn in front of them. As a result, our clients suffered serious orthopaedic injuries. After a lengthy contested trial, the court awarded damages to our clients in excess of $1,250,000.


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