Morse|Shannon is a specialty law firm of expert lawyers practicing civil litigation in the following practice areas:

With over 25 years of experience, our expertise helps facilitate the complex process of seeking compensation for personal injuries and fatalities. Our specialties include brain injury, motor vehicle accidents, wrongful death, serious injury to a child, spinal cord injury, non-catastrophic injury, slips and falls, product liability, aviation and occupier liability, and acting for people who have had their long term disability, travel insurance and life insurance claims wrongly denied.

We have extensive experience representing patients and their families, or estates, in cases of personal injury, or death, arising from negligent diagnosis, intervention and treatment by doctors and other health care professionals or practitioners. With our expert team, we help our clients navigate the complicated medical and legal issues of medical malpractice.

Commercial litigation is a term of broad application which describes litigation between parties over matters of business or commerce. It may involve disputes between businesses, disputes between individuals and businesses, partnership disputes, shareholder rights disputes, or any other dispute when parties seek to secure their rights, assets, or money. Experienced counsel in commercial litigation is required since it can be an expensive and time consuming process if not undertaken with the required expertise.

At Morse|Shannon, we know the complexities involved in class action proceedings. Our valued team of dedicated experts has successfully represented a number of cases, including lawsuits involving commercial loss, environmental and product liability, and personal injury.


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